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#include "config.h"

#include "dbmailtypes.h"

/* A resource type.
typedef enum {
} resource_type_t;

/* A resource limit.
 * type:  the type of the resource
 * usage: the current usage of the resource
 * limit: the maximum allowed usage of the resource
typedef struct {
    resource_type_t type;
    u64_t usage;
    u64_t limit;
} resource_limit_t;

/* A quota root and its resource limits.
 * root:        the quota root, e.g. ""
 * n_resources: the number of limted resources under this quota root
 * resource[]:  an array with `n_resources' elements, each entry
 *              describing a resource limit
typedef struct {
    char *root;
    int n_resources;
    resource_limit_t resource[0];
} quota_t;

/* Functions for manipulating quota_t objects */
quota_t *quota_alloc(int n_resources);
void quota_free(quota_t *quota);
void quota_set_resource_limit(quota_t *quota, int resource_idx,
                        resource_type_t type,
                        u64_t usage, u64_t limit);
int quota_set_root(quota_t *quota, char *root);

/* Functions for querying quota and quota root */
char *quota_get_quotaroot(u64_t useridnr, const char *mailbox,
                    char **errormsg);
quota_t *quota_get_quota(u64_t useridnr, char *quotaroot, char **errormsg);


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