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 * memblock.h
 * definitions & declarations for an interface that makes function calls
 * similar to those using FILE*'s possible but now no files but memory blocks
 * are used.

#ifndef _MEMBLOCK_H
#define _MEMBLOCK_H

#include "config.h"

#define _MEMBLOCK_SIZE (512ul*1024ul)

struct memblock
  char data[_MEMBLOCK_SIZE];
  struct memblock *nextblk,*prevblk;

typedef struct memblock memblock_t;

struct MEM_TYPE
  int nblocks;
  long mpos,eom; /* eom = end-of-mem; these positions are relative to
              * currblk (mpos) and lastblk (eom)

  memblock_t *firstblk,*currblk,*lastblk;
typedef struct MEM_TYPE MEM;

MEM* mopen();
void mclose(MEM **m);
int  mwrite(const void *data, int size, MEM *m);
int  mread(void *data, int size, MEM *m);
int  mseek(MEM *m, long offset, int whence);
long mtell(MEM *m);
void mrewind(MEM *m);
void mreset(MEM *m);
char* merror();


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