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/* $Id: list.h,v 2004/09/07 09:54:28 ilja Exp $
 * (c) 2000-2002 IC&S, The Netherlands
 * list.h: list header */

#ifndef  _LIST_H
#define  _LIST_H

#include "config.h"

#include <sys/types.h>

 * list data types
struct element
  void *data;     
  size_t dsize;
  struct element *nextnode;   

struct list 
  struct element *start;
  long total_nodes;

struct element *list_nodeadd(struct list *tlist, const void *data,
                            size_t dsize);

struct element *list_nodedel(struct list *tlist, void *data);
struct element *list_nodepop(struct list *list);
struct element *list_getstart(struct list *tlist);
void list_freelist(struct element **start);
long list_totalnodes(struct list *tlist);
void list_showlist(struct list *tlist);
void list_init(struct list *tlist);
/* this function is renamed to dbmail_list_reverse because MySQL 4.1
 * already exports a function named list_reverse(). A bug report about
 * that was filed at bugs.mysql.com :) */
struct element* dbmail_list_reverse(struct element *start);


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