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 * dbmsgbuf.h
 * datatypes & function prototypes for the msgbuf system
 * using a mysql database
 * should connect to any dbXXX.c file where XXXX is the dbase to be used

#ifndef _DBMSGBUF_H
#define _DBMSGBUF_H

#include "config.h"

#include "dbmailtypes.h"
#include "memblock.h"


int db_init_msgfetch(u64_t uid);
int db_update_msgbuf(int minlen);
void db_close_msgfetch();
void db_give_msgpos(db_pos_t *pos);
u64_t db_give_range_size(db_pos_t *start, db_pos_t *end);

long db_dump_range(MEM *outmem, db_pos_t start, db_pos_t end, u64_t msguid);


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